Sig Maker V.5

Type: Application

Fullscreen: No

Description: Sig Maker V.5 is the fifth model of my freeware software that allows you to make your own custom sigs without any knowledge of image editing! It's engine has been completely rebuilt from scratch, and contains a huge variety of features not included in the previous versions.

Some new features are as follows.
-Tons of new fonts, textures and shines.
-Vastly improved glow and drop shadow effects.
-An outline function.
-Signature colorization and inner glows.
-Customizable background gradient
-4 color background gradients
-And much much more!

Please note that when you open up the program, you will have a prompt to choose the color scheme of the program. Also, in order to access all of the features that this program provides, you must use the black onscreen arrows to scroll through all the icons in each category.
IMPORTANT : For some reason my virus scanner has pegged this as a trojan. It's possible that it was corrupted during upload, but unfortunately I no longer have any working copies of the file. If you have one, please email it to me at . In the meanwhile, please download at your own discretion.

Screenshot: [1]

Download link: Download Sig Maker V.5.exe